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When average Dubliner who’s name is Jimmy Rabitte says “I’m black and I’m proud” what that means? Most likely you are watching Alan Parker’s movie The Commitments.

Gary Hammel draw a picture of the issues, what companies are looking when recruiting people. Later of I added something there, Commitment.

It is a characteristic which can’t be taught and it is also the most difficult to evaluate in interview situations, but the probation period is for fixing mistakes in recruitment. Commitment is not only what is defined in the dictionary, it is a combination of commitment, attitude and everything that is covered under the umbrella of personality. Extremely difficult to measure. Commitment also means that in the organisation there should be an entrepreneurial attitude, hopefully throughout the organisation. The higher the ladders you climb, the more attitude there should be. Especially in top management the entrepreneurship type of mindset should be there. Commitment is the key parameter for the success of the organisation.

In Japanese business culture the commitment is highly valuated. Especially the companies which have a real history are based on the commitment. The real history means 1000+ years. The commitment in their case means continuous development of the product, service and the operation of the company. The oldest company in Japan is more than 1400 years old. What did your company do in year 621? This gives you a different kind of perspective to the business. Mentioned company is not any more independent, but it does exist and there are several companies which are more than 1000 years old. This timescale gives you something to think about:
• you don’t valuate company by following only ROI or any other financial figure
• value comes what good it does to its peer group
• you don’t do same thing 1000 years same way, you improve everything, all of the time

Trust is a supporting function which should encourage commitment if the foundation is there.

From The Commitments point of view means to be “black and proud”. It means you know and live Soul music.
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