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Currently I have Nokia’s phone (7.2), I have had also old ones which were nice tools, you could use them as a weapon in a fight or tool when building something, as a hammer for example. The current one, especially the touch screen will break up when giving a bad eye to it. So I’m looking for a new mobile.

By coincidence, my operator is having a summer sale and they (don’t shoot the messenger) sent list of special offers of new smartphones. Bloody hell. What is the difference between the phones? Mainly name and model sticker. Other than that, they look like the same. If I want to have non-mainstream phone, I have to buy Motorola’s retro model or Doro’s granny phone.

What this means? It means that smartphone is a commodity product. Everyone can do it. Basically chipsets and other components are available for everyone. No special interests to put efforts to the development. Is the real difference to whom your mobile is reporting your usage behaviour? Android to Google inc., Apple to Apple plc. Chinese mobiles to China government (rumour or nasty gossip?) In any cases, situation is almost the same situation before Apple change the mobile game. One other view to the situation. Just before the smartphones everyone was discussing mow many pixels new phone’s camera was having. That was the core parameter. Today the core parameter is is how many cameras phone is having. Camera again. Question is that from where comes the next big bang and what it is?

Until that, I forbid to use words “creativity!” and “mobile phone” in a same sentence.
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