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World is full of business books and they keep coming. Each of them is claiming to contain the magic solution how your business is going to fly. Are they your solutions? Do they solve all of your problems. Is there a perfect business book which will have answers to all of your problems? No, definitely no. There are no perfect business book which will solve all of your issues. Why is that? Because I haven’t written one ;-) Yet!

Are the waste of money and paper? No, definitely no. The 1st reason to read a business book is that reading is good practise for your brains. All reading is good for your brains. If you want kill two birds with a one stone, read biography of a known business man. My recommendation is Steve Jobs but there are many more interesting ones.

With the 2nd good reason we come to my favourite issue, the experience. “It is not the years, it is the mileages babe!” In my opinion the key part of the business management is the experience and how one adapt it to the practise. Good business book challenges your thinking and you should read and filter it through your own pink glasses called experience. Good book will challenge you, maybe teach you something or just confirm your experiences.

There are two different methods to select a book. The 1st one is simple, just pick one, read it and improve your general knowledge (and practise your brains). The 2nd one is situation based. Where is your business running, what is the business environment situation, for example is there still organic growth happening. Good book (good, not correct) can be found from very surprising places. For example in my opinion the best business book for startups is Obelix et compagnie. Yes, it is a comic book but it covers the key issues of the new business building in a funny way. Key rule is that follow your own instinct, not anyone else’s when selecting your readings. And…

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