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Linux versus Windows. Big battle, or is it? Majority of the servers are already Linux based, why not the workstations? As an engineer I can do a huge excel-sheet (or calc-sheet) of the pros and cons of the operating systems but so what? How often normal user has to down to o/s level? As a Linux user, how often I need to go to visit any shell (command line)? In normal use, never. O/S is really visible and meaningful for the application developer, different tools.

What is the main battle in this “war”? Why we are using computers? The main reason is not that they have Windows O/S. Even Linux I not enough to be the reason. It is the applications and what are the core applications? Obviously the office package, word processor, presentation maker and the spreadsheet computation. The de facto standard today is the Microsoft’s Office, Word, Powerpoint and Excel. That is the baseline. You have to be fully compatible. Small light weight analysis of the situation is following.

Apple relies on original, they use MS Office. Apple’s excellency is based on other applications. Their key segment is graphics, audio and video where they are having really good applications and really big market share.

Google’s cloud application strategy seems to be “close enough but you can’t complain because the tools are for free”. Somehow seems to work, not because of the tools but their could is having more or less everything with almost all of the bells and whistles. But they are and will be important player now and in the future.

What about the penguin? Nice bird. If I would have done the excel or calc sheet of the pros and cons of the operating systems, the plus side of the Linux would have been long, really long, really, really long. The main negative items would have been that Linux is having too many distribution versions, it is more or less causing distraction inside the community, keeping the focus is a challenge. The second, even more important issue is the office application. Linux uses LibreOffice. LibreOffice has improved their compatibility, a little by little. But slowly. Maybe too slow.

If Linux wants to be number one in workstations, the key battle is the Office package (applications). After this come smaller battles like number of distributions and clear cloud strategy.

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