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I’ve done bug fixing. I’ve been debugging software. I’ve modified software. But I never have done commercial software. I have led business unit which was doing software. So obviously I’m the specialist of actual coding.

When I was younger, so much younger that to day there was a thing in Finland called Project Management. It was used even in software development. Nowadays everyone is talking about agile development. Simple software project was something like you define the scope, define the resources and scheduled it. Then project manager followed it up, react to the changes I the plan and reported/documented them. After the software project he/she took the scope of the project (usually called requirement specification) and start to test against the requirements. If the bug was found, project fixed it. So what is the problem?
Today everything must be agile. Sorry to say but the agile development sounds me like:
- build a house
- the 1st sprint is the 1st floor
- Sprint review: no doors done, rubbish sprint, to the waste basket, rerun the sprint
Sounds like a project. The success of the agile project depends much of the quality/skills of the Scrum master. And now the big question, what is the real difference between “old style” and agile? Terminology? It cooler to be a scrum master than project manager. Project managers are everywhere but scrum masters only in software world.

And there is always my old wisdom, where is software, there is a bug (or two).
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