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Every man’s dream or even more than that, purpose (vision) is to build his own house and have son. Today, son is quite possible especially if one is lucky but the house nowadays is very seldom DIY stuff. For that we have a bold and beautiful industry with its own rules and regulation. And stupidities.

Have you heard about the building project on-time and on budget? I have. Just can’t remember when and here where, but definitely not earlier that 1960’s. What went wrong from the times of “Työmies” cigarette box, which was actually the design and planning platform for the houses?

The current construction world is really complicated. Regulation has generated shitloads of rules and the construction companies had to build huge organisations to almost only to follow and fulfil the requirements. At the same time, industry is under heavy cost pressure, prices must go down. When there is a competition of a building project, it is not a question of beauty, it is always the price. Builder thinks that dividing the project to the sub-projects will reduce the prices. In theory, yes but there is the other part of the coin as well.

When you have a loads of sub-contractors, how do you manage/control them? Do you have enough visibility what they are doing and especially how they are doing. Can you prevent “grey economy” inside you subcontractor chain? It is often said that if you have to do something, it is cheaper to do it yourself. Use subcontractors only when you need special skills what you don’t normally need.

These issues are quite easy to solve, go back to basics.
1. Regulation is currently what it is, you can’t do much to it
2. Put all of your focus to strong project managements, top guns to project managements
3. Site/building developer should move towards beauty contest to price contest. To guarantee this, he/she should live minimum of 5 years in the house built.
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