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What is 200 years old and its revenue is 3,3B€? Obviously Finnish awarded startup company. A public company. Here is something funny, Just can’t find what it is.

A Finnish commercial startup event just ended and some very strange things happened. About all of the awarded companies were 1M€ business’. Yes maybe they have been once startup companies but definitely not today. For me startup company is less than 5 years old, no money, maybe a little bit of business, but not much. But they have enough energy drinks. What they really have is the idea, skills and the fire. The fire keeps them running.

This commercial operator has looked similar picture what is attached and they have made their decisions, well in advance to look companies which are already in the jewel corner. The key point in startup is that they are NOT in the jewel corner but they have potential to reach it.

What startup really needs is Six Things which are understanding of following issues:
• What are our products/services?
• Who are our customers?
• Who are our competitors?
• Why we are better?
• What is our USP (=Unique Selling Point)?
• How digital economy affects on us and how we prepare ourselves for it?
The 7th thing usually is the money or investor. Investors evaluation is based pretty much on these six things and to the team, their skills and the fire,

What startups don’t need is statements like this ”I have a win-win proposal for you my friend”. Commercial operation seems to collect this kind of people. The funding structure of these commercial operators are quite stupid and it creates a setup which don’t serve the real startups which should be the stars of the show.

Returning to the headline. Was it you? I borrow the words of great TV-artist Bart and say It wasn’t me!
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