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We all know what are the seven deadly sins, some of us has tasted one or more. The question is that are they bad for business?

A good scientific article starts with definitions. Ostrobothnia is an area north-east from Helsinki and like everything it has its own characteristics, some of them from the past, some of them invented for a reason or an other. Some of them are true and some of them BS. I have 1st hand information because I have born there and lived my first 20 years there. We need some geographical data and statistics. Figures are roughly from seventies due to the fact that story started then and the figures are not very accurate, they are based on my guestimate. Precise figures are not important, just the ball park estimate. Vaas is the biggest town on the area, we are talking about 50k inhabitants. Seinäjoki around 30k. Distance between those two towns is about 70 km. Half way post is called Tervajoki, village under 5k inhabitants.

Important fact of the behaviour of the aboriginals is that all of the men have gone bonkers and all of the wisdom lives in (elderly) ladies. History on the area has very violent times Area is also full of entrepreneurs and their driver is…

Story starts from the fact that one lad saw a field in Tervajoki. Me and you would seen place for the crops or parking area for cows. He saw place for car business, buy and sell. In the f… middle of nowhere. So he started and business went well. He bought new MB and neighbour got interested. He taught that if the other guy can succeed is car business I can do better. So he started and was successful too. Then came third one and the rest is history. Today when you go to Tervajoki, there are car business’ everywhere.

What is the moral of the story? You can forget what Kottler says about the place (7 Ps). You can place your business to stupid place and have heavy competition by the neighbour who envy your success. Both of you can be successful if you do everything else right, make your offering special, serve you customer well. It is also handy to have benchmark in the next door, keeps you both alerted.

As an epilogue, one of the big ones in car dealing in Finland originates from there.
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