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Occasionally I start to write about the politics. Maybe because business is quite boring compared to our elected representative’s adventures. This story is combination of truth, lies and general BS. Responsibility is yours!

It is very seldom that you see so hard headed lady like Teresa May. What on earth she is doing? Negotiate deal wit EU, show it to British Parliament and they say no. “Re-negotiate the deal “ (=move comma in one sentence), show it to British Parliament and get no, re-negotiate the deal etc. Bloody hell. What this means. It means Brexshe will happen one way or an other and currently she tries to save the Conservative Party. Good luck!

But where is Boris Jelt… sorry, Johnson. I always got mixed up with those identical twins. He is hiding and waiting right time to come up. He wants to be Prime Minister instead of Prime Minister. Instead of that he will probably have to clean the ashes of Conservative Party. Sorry Boris, it is good to be the King, not a Prime Minister.

The real is issues are geographical and they can cause a big headache. Too many parliaments is a small islands.

Lassies and Lads of Scotland has announced that if Brexit comes the will leave United Kingdom and they want to join to the Nordic countries. Officially we can’t say anything but I say that we have space for some more whisky. Oil too. But there comes the problems. If you watch the world today you can see that were is oil there is war. Obviously some exceptions are but risk level raises. Moving Scotland to Nordic countries is easy task. You just take one Jim från Strömsö and he will cut Scotland out from Britain. Maybe the Hadrianus wall is a good line to do the cutting work.

What about Wales. Welch parliament has announced that they won’t accept the hard Brexit. So what? What they have? Few empty coal mines, pit stop for Dr. Who in Cardiff and language which anyone hardly speaks or writes the railway station names. Forget Wales.

Then there is always the permanent pain the the English a…, Northern Ireland. What if Paddy from (London)Derry suddenly remembers they have always had a terrorist war against England and even worse that if he remembers why. The terrorism has always been a tradition and no-one has a glue why they are fighting for. Brexit could be a nice excuse to restart it again.
Solution for this has been developed by my brother ages ago. I was living in Ireland and my brother got pissed of me, Irish or both. He announced that he will come to Ireland and he is going to kick Cork away and the whole island will sink. Hopefully UK is connected to Ireland with strong chain and it will go with it. Simple.

A bit drastic pictures but you have to think the most unthinkable situations because the reality is worse. Life is a b… then you divorce one.
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