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There is an obvious business case. Good stories are excellent background when driving a car, doing routine tasks etc. There have been eBooks for ages but now there is a media, which will fulfil all of the user requirements, streaming. There is a possibility to build nice win-win case, but there is a nice possibility to screw up the whole case. It is all about the the money and the greediness level in the value chain. This is the case currently with the music business, More information can be found from my blog Copyrights dated on the 3rd of January 2015.

Everything starts from the media and its cost. Books made a big jump from printed version to the streaming. Yes, there were c-cassettes, CDs etc. but they were not very practical. The very basic rule is that I you gain cost advantage with new technological or other methods the benefit has to be distributed to the value chain. Music industry did this mistake twice, introduced cheaper c-cassette: prices went up. Introduced cheaper CD: prices went up. What this caused? Piracy. This is the 1st warning flag.

When seeing today's technological possibilities an obvious question will raise: where do you need publishers? To the marketing they say. Bollocks I say. Maybe the only useful resource what author can get from the publishing company is their editors. Everything else is available in net. This is a warning flag number 2.

The 3rd one is how the sales price is divided inside the value chain. Everyone should get what they have earned, more or less based on investments into the chain. The divisioning of the money has to be fair. Remember also that the author is the key to the business, without him/her there are no business.
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