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The story behind this is bit new for me. Originally my idea was to publish thi in www-keski-helsinki.fi pages but the lad who is responsible of our communication said that I used too much bad language (=dirty words). I think that the main responsible is the sing/song writer Kauko Röyhkä, but I accept his decision because he is high level pro on that area. However, I have my own site and I can blog whatever I want. So the 1st version is in Finnish and the 2nd version is translation to English. Sorry, my Swedish and French is a bit rusted.
There is a funny song written by Kauko Röyhkä called Shitty City. My understanding is that it is a story from Oulu (town about 700 to 800 kilometers north-west from Helsinki). That was the background for tourists ;-)
The key point in this song is that lassies had to go home early and it was boring place. By the way, I am talking about time late 70’s. The funny thing is that my friend (actually good father of my son) was diagnosed (in Vaasa, which was quite surprise). He was told to go OYKS (University hospital in Oulu). He went to town week or two before the operation and spend bloody good time there.
I know one lad from Oulu whose comment for this story would be interesting, so mr. R. Luttinen, any comments?
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