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Some time ago I saw an article of Apple's policy. The main goal is to shut up their employees mouth in social media, statements can be used as a reason to sack. Someone criticised the iPhone in Facebook and got sacked. US. Government officials decided that Apple's decision wasn't against the law. Now the employees are thinking where are the limits.

9to5Mac-pges leaked instruction from Apple where they defined the rules of laying off the people. Some of them are very normal behaviour of us. For example it is not allowed to comment the company or its products. Especially discussion boars are no-no. If you really want to say something, you have to underline that it is your own opinion, nothing to do with Apple.

Obviously you are not allowed to use company's email account to your private messaging.
.Naturally Apple's employee can't speculate about the new products (understandable) or comment the rumours. But they re not allow to discuss, speculate, gossip or comment within each other any rumour unless they are sure that there is a external or a customer in a reach.
Especially leaking is no-no (I accept this one).
Home-pages and Unaccountable is allowed, but you can't publish anything linked to Apple. Comments or pictures. Also you are not allowed to participate to sites which information is doubtful or possibly insulting someone.

Welcome to the free world, is this going to be our future? Very much controlled. Social media opened our world and now there is a trend to close it. Can you accept it? I can't!
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