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We Finns are creating rules. Shitloads. This kills our system. Yes, we are having a Nordic welfare society but... How many rules are required to keep our system up and running? One of the main discussions in Finland is what are the tasks for municipalities or towns (we have only one city here, maybe?). Today the problem is that we can't have the current structure. We have too many government officers. Why? Because we have created so many rules which have to be followed and controlled. The question is that can we recover the system? What we have to do? Especially, what we don't have to do (basic question when defining the strategy). My son said that we should run aground this shit. And start from the clean table. Why? The problem is a simple Excel-one, what are your incomes and what are costs. All of the SOTE-discussions and the other stupid rules can be loaded to the Excel and handled that way, do we have money (=taxes) to do it?

Regulation (did I misspelled it in the header?), is a good thing when we are talking about limited resources, like radio frequencies. But, there is always a but. Like today, we are overloaded of the regulation and will kill our good system.
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