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Web-hotel (INT2000) where these pages are, showed what is the way not to do service upgrade. They did a major change to their web-site including outlook, structure and service management. Outlook wasn't very good, but it is just my opinion. The change was made without informing the customers. The bigger problem was that they forgot to link service statistics to it. Nice. The change was made on Friday afternoon, my guess around 2PM. I noticed the problem around 4PM. Their customer service is between 9AM to 5PM, so I was lucky. I had chat with customer service and he noticed the same, uups the technical people forgot to link the statistics to the service. We'll let you know when they are back. Most likely they went to spend the weekend.
During their change they did several amateur mistakes:
1. The timing, don't do major changes on Friday if you are not prepared to do follow-up and bug fixing during the weekend
2. Document your service properly that you know what you need to test
3. Test heavily
4. Test heavily
5. Inform the customers
The change was made on the 4th of September, we'll see when the statistics are back.
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