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In my world this is a teenage language.

Alcatel-Lucent landed a $2.1 billion financing package with Credit Suisse Group and Goldman Sachs, the telecom-gear manufacturer confirmed today. As collateral, the company was forced to put up a trove of patents from its Bell Labs unit and its data-networking unit. The money is intended to ease investors' fears about the company's solvency and to reassure potential customers.”

It is quite funny how thw the economy works, this type of shit is presented for us althouhg it is a old story. The mobile infrastucture has been dominated by Ericson, Nokia-Siemens-Networks is trying to to get a position there and actually they seem to be a player in the field.

Rumours are telling that NSN is plannining to buy Alcatel-Lucent! Bloody hell, yes in USA you can do stupid decicions, like Lucent to buy Alcactel (or vice versa). In Finland, just sell nonworking stuff to M.... mouse. ;-)
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