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Still having stories of my favorite city in Ireland. There is a group of people of which we haven't seen much, actually 1st time in last summer . Travelers. It is a group people who has decided to stay outside of the normal (taxed) society. In Finland we can see of their culture by watching the TV show of their wedding. Small view we got last summer when group of Travelers landed to Porvoo.

My connection to the travelers happened in Galway. We were havig drink in the hotel bar and has been a wedding party. The show what they created was incredible. We had video camera with us because we wanted to look what we've taped in Connemara. The show around us was so interesting and we started to tape it. One them noticed and it caused a riot. We were smart enough and left the hotel bar before Garda (Irish police) came in. Every day I saw their camp by the dual carriage way from Limerick to Shannon, their caravans, horses and their everything. Quite interesting approach to the society.

One funny incident in Ireland was our gardener. Yes, I had a gardener. Came with the house rental. Anyway, once he saw a bottle of Paddy (Irish whiskey) in our house and he said that he knows where to get better stuff. From the mountains. Home distilled. He promised to bring me that stuff. Never saw him again. Hope that he had good craic.
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