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In the airline business we are in the end of the line. It is the situation which will happen to all of the businesses'. It has happened previously. What happened? There are few standard strategical movements in my collection. One of the tools is the change of the rules. It is one of the most difficult ones but seen few times. Budget airlines and iTunes. Is the SAS going to be next body?

Sorry to say I believe it is going to be one. Why? Because it is negotiating with pilots. Negotiating is not a bad thing but it tells that there are history which is a load from 60's. That history will kill SAS, maybe tomorrow. What about Finnair?

One of the most successful airlines comes from Ireland, Ryanair. Very colorful CEO, very interesting stories while I was living in Limerick in early 2000. But Ryanair was one of the players who changed the rules. Ireland's national airline Air Lingugus almost died.

Today airline business is a good example how the business is running, you can't stay still, you have to be active. All of the time.
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