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One key thing what I've learned is that follow the teens! Especially if you want to understand trends around the new technology. I have one teen living on the 2nd floor of our house. He has deleted his account from the Facebook. Is that a trend? There are groups that are raising the flag towards that direction, actually recently published study said that 42% of Finnish users has thought about leaving the service.

When Facebook did the IPO its target valuation was 104B$. Then the value of the stock went down. In American way, rest of the story happens in court. Funny thing was that they said in IPO document that mobile is a threat to them, it is difficult to show advertisements is a small screen. The fact is that rating of the stock doesn't tell anything about the companies business, it is telling about the investors, The big question is of course that if you think of last IPO's of the new generation companies, which are real flyers? Maybe Google? LinkedIn?

The fact is that our teens are building the megatrends in the future. That is how it goes. The key point is that Google, Facebook and Micsoft has no bleeding idea of it! Do I. Nope. Just following the teens!
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