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Mobile business today is the most dynamic business in the world. It is changing really fast. Where are the original big ones, Ericsson, Motorola and Nokia? Nokia and Ericsson developed their skills in Nordic analog technology NMT and Motorola in the US based one. They were the big ones behind the GSM standard. Rumours are telling that if the was a hole in the standard, these guys quickly agreed the patch for it. Those guys were behind so-called 2G. Now we are just about getting 4G after 2.5G and 3G. G means generation.

The 1st body (at least heavily wounded) was Ericsson. They lost the track of the consumer behaviour. They tried to recover with Sony, especially Sony's strong brand Music Man, portable C-cassette player. If you are old fart like me you know the toy, I'm still having at least two of them. They didn't succeed.

In my opinion, Motorola was already half dead in the beginning of the GSM. There were nasty rumours about their technology. They had their moment with RAZR-phone but after that. Nothing. Sold out because they owned interesting patents.

Nokia's 1st problem was positive one. They developed excellent GSM phone called 2110. It was so good that they couldn't build them as fast as the markets were selling them. But they solved the problem and they are/were the logistics machine. This capability carried them to be number one position in the handset world. Today Nokia's future is really shady.

What happened. Shit hit fan? Nope, it is called S-curve. When the markets are saturating, new rules for the game are coming and these 3 lads didn't understand it, or didn't accept it. Originally the business was technology driven but today it is really consumer driven, especially how they behave and wants to use their mobile. In my pocket there are loads of high technology but I don't care. What it can deliver to me is important. Of course there is an other aspects in the markets. Everything around the one fruit is a religion. That is one way to take the markets.
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