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Technician Jussi Kangas passed away in Vaasa, Tammikartano's hospital due to the long alignment at the 11th of April the 2012. He was born on the 18th of November on the 1936 in Ylistaro, Finland.

His working career started at 1952 in timber jobs and in 1955 he moved to Vaasa to work with Strömberg Inc (later on acquired by ABB) as a metal worker. He accomplished his national service in Kokkola and after that he returned back to Strömberg Inc. In 60's he started to study in the Technical College of Vaasa and graduated to technician, in electric engineering in 1963. That started a long career in Strömberg Inc. in various engineering posts. For example when using the metro in Helsinki, the sound of the electric engines of it reminds me of him, he was part of the team who designed the control of the engines of the metro in Helsinki.

He was very active in in labour union, also member of Vaasa's city council for many years and very active in local Lutheran church. Those organisations have noted his work by several badges of merit.

He had a wide collection of hobbies. He collected and work with stones, made jewels of them. He trained others to do it as well. Thing, which was very close to his heart was local history. He collected it, books and other material and documented it. In my opinion, that was one of his gifts to the Vaasa's area.

The thing which labels him in my opinion is his willingness to help others. There were no issues what he wouldn't tackle. If it is a question about the site policy of the city of Vaasa or snow works of grand ma in the neighbour. He delivered. I hope that everyone remembers this.

He got married in 1960 and this marriage delivered two sons of which I'm the 1st one.
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