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This week I visited a seminar called Smart Urban Spaces. It is a project that has members from several European countries who are working around NFC-technology and how it can make our life easier. Of course, when it has word technology, in Finland it is like hard core sex. There are good examples, like the city of Oulu using NFC-tags to sign kids in to the kinder garden. An other application was city of Helsinki using a combination of a mobile phone having a NFC chip and a smart card provided by the public transportation of Helsinki for the European Championship sailing event participants to gain access to the event and the services in it. One story was about mobile payment and that was my motive to visit the event, and my blood pressure went sky high.

I wrote about it about 2 years ago. I spoke about it about 10 years ago in the ICT-event in Helsinki. Matti M, who commented on my blog 2 years ago, mentioned that the first trials of mobile payment were around 96/97. So how has the situation developed from 96? We have an organisation called Mobey Forum, http://www.mobeyforum.org/. What have they achieved? White papers and meetings! Interesting places like Cape Town, New York, Brussels and Amsterdam. Bloody hell! I hope that your company hasn't wasted its money to that BS.

Like I mentioned in my blog 2 years ago, this technology has been available more than 10 years, a secured one. What is the problem? The key issue is that who is the biggest loser? The banking sector including credit card companies have been pressing the break pedal, quite successfully. Who could have been the winner? Mobile operators. Why didn't they do it? Because of lack of courage(chickens!) and maybe some regulatory issues. Now the operators are building consortiums in some countries to do something in this area. Is it too late? My guess (educated one) is yes. What is going to happen? Someone who has big enough muscles will take the arena. Candidates are the Google and PayPal. And the biggest loser is.. Second price goes to...

Game over.
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