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The hot stuff of today is ecosystem. Everyone is talking about the E-word. Some of the opinions which I'm going to express here are based on the seminars which took place in ICT exhibition in Helsinki on the 23rd and 24th of March. Sources are panel discussion which topic was: ''Was Finland's future screwed up or renewed? Nokia 2.0 - New ecosystem'' and presentations by ''Monty'' Widenius (Mr. MySQL) and Mikko Hyppönen (Mr. F Secure). And of course, views are filtered by me or even developed by me.

Family Microsoft is basing their story on the fact that 96% of the revenue to Microsoft is coming via partners. This means that they have to serve their partners, actually the revenue sharing is favouring the partners. It is also a fact that Microsoft is controlling or has a good grip of the business world. That is the reason why Nokia married Microsoft. Microsoft is having a good ecosystem to partner with it. Quite open and easy to join. But one interesting aspect was raised in the ICT event, what is the biggest bot-net in the world? Microsoft's one! What if the shit hits the fan a big way? Who will control the big net? In a big way I mean almost 3rd world war. What is possibility for it?

The Apple! Apple ecosystem is really interesting. There are good points and the other ones. I have to admit that they have done some really good movements to change the digital world, but also they are controlling their ecosystem really heavily, in business world that is called micro management. It is also very obvious how much they hate free stuff. Your freedom is limited, but secured.

What about Open Source? I've been using Linux (Ubuntu) about 2 years. I have had 2 problems. For the both them I have found temporary solutions (posted before I've noticed the issue) and the final fix has come usually with next update. It is a fact that this community (Linux) is so proud their development that they will fix all of the problems. The good point is that community will do good work with testing and it also very often secures the continuity the application although the original developer is out of the picture for some reason or other. The challenge is the business models, you have to accept that there are not any quick wins. All of the licensing models are based on the fact that you have to deliver good work for sometime and then you'll be awarded.

Question is that what is your camp? I've chosen mine and I'm a happy little camper!
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