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Nokia has loosed its market share. In smartphones Apple and Android-based mobiles has been pain below zero and Chinese vendors are coming to cheapphone segment. Microsoft hasn't succeeded in mobile markets at all. In the PC world it is having many different issues. First of all, it is trying to get monopoly type of position there, it is trying to kill players who are stepping to its toes, like we saw in browsers. Luckily regulators were awake. Open Source is generating pressure, like Linux and OpenOffice. So will marriage of two loosers make a winner. I doubt.

In my believe, this is not only lost for Nokia, it is a lost for whole mobile (software) industry in Finland. Here is quite big group of companies working with Symbian. Of course, Symbian is more or less at the end of its life so the industry is anyway in the crossing, a new variable don't make their life easier. The question is that should they go to Android camp or Microsoft or do they have capacity and skills for both.

Nokia developed MeeGo operating system with Intel. I think that was smart move if you want to have own operating system. One of the key points is that you are open, Linux based MeeGo is that, everything else is stone age, like Windows. Now CEO Elop is saying that it is temporary solution. So when and most likely if they get one MeeGo phone out, it is going to be flop. Who would buy temporary product? Who would develop applications to it? Good excuse to say that it was good idea to go to Windows.

One of the Nokia's problems has been that is hasn't been able to keep its time schedules. All of the recent models have been delayed, like the MeeGo phone. How long does it take to develop Windows mobile, especially when you have to design control-, alt- and delete-buttons. Luckily the blue screen is operating system feature, no hardware planning required.

Are we going to remember Mr. Ollila as a man who made Nokia big and down-sized it? Nasty rumours are telling that Mr. Elop owns Microsoft's shares but not Nokia's.

Anyway, most likely I'm using last Nokia phone, looking towards Android.
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