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For me branding means something to sell. So how much you will you pay about Finland? It has very clean brand, water is excellent and it is very green oriented. That means it is future proved. It will educate you! No extra fee! The best education you can get! We are going to be international trouble shooter (like 007).

The other side of the coin is that here is bleeding cold most of the year. Cars are expensive. Houses are expensive. Booze is expensive. Mainly everything is expensive due to the taxation. Bureaucracy is raising its head. For example, you have a flat and you are planning to change the water tap in your bathroom. You have to inform the housing cooperative and they will charge you about receiving the announcement. Hopefully they will charge you under 150 euros. And talking about mother-in-laws...

On the other hand the people behind the branding underlined one important issue of the Finns. We are very result oriented people, we are not satisfied by the old solutions, we are always seeking new solutions even to old problems. One funny story which most likely gives you a hint of our mind setting. I was working in a Finnish company which had operation also in Ireland. One guy from Ireland came to work in Finland. He told once that Finns must have telepathic connection to each other. He was testing software with group of Finns and one guy came to the lab and said we should do testing this way. Other Finns said OK. And so they did. “Seamus” was surprised because no collective decision making, just goal to target with a new method.

This gives a license to kill for us! And now independence day's special offer... Veri gud prise, just foor u mi frend!
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