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Nowadays the most played games in the world are MMORPG's. Which stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game. They have grown to incredible volumes in the last 5-8 years. For example the all-known game World of Warcraft. The company behind it, Blizzard, bases the game around addictiveness. Addicting a person is usually the only way to get them to pay around 15$/€/£ a month just for a game. Blizzard is in a good position now, since they have over 10 million people playing their game. Count 15x10 000 000 it is at least 100 000 000 is taking into count some possible discounts etc. But 100 000 000 a month is a lot. Of course there are the standard expences (running servers, company space and etc.) but still this would be a incredible amount of profit, and still adding the sold game copies would grow it even more. This is one earning model and also the most profitable one if it is done correctly.

Then there is the game without a subscription fee that is funded with sold copies and micro payments (buying small pieces of additional content for the game) for example Guild Wars. Guild Wars has approx. 5,5 million players, not very active anymore though because the game is quite old already. Which brings me to another detail, I myself played Guild Wars for a couple of years, and you clould see that when there wasn't a subscription fee for the game, they came up with less new content. They did make 3 games and 1 add-on pack for the series but after you grinded through those there wasn't much left other than Player versus Player but that was not the main attraction for most. Guild Wars 2 is coming up next year so until then...

After those there is still the free game with that gets the player addicted with a free version of the game with limited content and the full game and content for a subscription fee. For example Runescape is like this. Runescape is my MMO of choice since it has a lot of content and the company that made the Jagex brings new content for the subscribers all the time. Also the monthly payment is 1/3 of WoW's fee (5,95$/€/£). Runescape has around 20 million players of which roughly 15 million are free players and around 5 million are Paying for the game. A lot of Runescape is based around long time achievements for example if you want to max out a skill it takes anywhere from a few weeks to years.

The final one of the popular earning models is the completely free game that is funded by mere micro payments for example the finnish social media/game thing Habbo Hotel and the MMORPG Runes of Magic. These type of games addict people with the free game and then try to get people to buy little things within the game for a small fee (e.g. A new sword in Runes of Magic)

These are the current most popular earning methods in online multiplayer games. In the future someone might make an even more efficient one but that we will only see with time.
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