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I like the title, now I have to tell you a story.

Traditionally the May Day in Finland has been a party of labour unions. In my opinion it is time to blow up those organisations or do you want to go marching in tomorrow with a heavy hangover, even with the hangover? Of course, employers counter part(s) has to be blow up as well. Come on, we are living in 2010 and those are relics from 1950's or earlier. We may see now some kind of changes but that is a Mickey Mouse stuff, because also old contradictions can be seen (for Finnish audience buses in Helsinki). In my opinion, our society don't go forward if we still keep this old stuff with us. I think the big question is how we can move our labour markets to the 2010+.

I would rather see May Day as a good summer starting party for a drunken students! Why? They are the future and if they can have a good craic (Irish term for a good party) once a year without any pressure of the society, its cool.

So lets enjoy one of the Finnish National Boozing Day!
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