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Coming back to what I've mentioned earlier. Lets talk about the basics. Everyone is talking about the free economy, but is it? To be honest, everyone who is talking about the wonders and the beauty of the free economy wants to have monopoly. Why? In free economy you have to deliver all of the time, in monopoly life is easier. Luckily for you and me, it is nowadays more difficult to have a monopoly. There are still some fortresses like electricity companies. One interesting example is the record labels and what has and what will happened in their business.

Brief summary, in early 70's we had vinyl, mid 70's we got c-cassette and early or mid 80's CD started to be the thing. Cool, everyone were the winners. Music media became very handy, but something went wrong. The cost for the music industry went down but they decided to be greed and didn't transfer the advantage to the consumers. If you compare costs of the chain LP-C-cassette-CD. CD is the cheapest. But the selling price was opposite. CD is the most expensive! I believe that with this strategy record labels created or at least motivated markets to create pirate markets. Obviously the ease of technology was part of the story. What had happened if record labels had done the right thing, move their cost reduction to consumer prices?

Now record labels are facing the real challenge. Distribution channels are changing totally, again. We are having iTunes, Spotify, Nokia comes with Music and shit loads of web-sites from were you can download music. And the prices are reasonable. Question is that for what you need record label, maybe only for marketing. I wouldn't buy shares of a record label. This is an example of iBusiness.
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