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I'm again sideways, just a bit, but still. But I have to say this because I hate stupidity more than anything else.

Finnish supermarket group S decided and published that they won't sell any more Valio's (major Finnish dairy producer) milk. Surprisingly it generated a small fuss. In practice we have here in Finland two major dairy producers, Valio (Finnish one) and Arla (Swedish one). Both are selling Finnish milk but Arla is also importing milk from Sweden. So what. Situation ended to our Prime Minister's statement (I think in his blog) that he wants to have Valio's milk in his local shop. For f... sake, is that really worth of Prime Minister's statement? Even our main newspaper Helsingin Sanomat organised blind testing for Finnish and Swedish milk! I hope that they had twinkle on their eye, otherwise I'm loosing faith in free journalism.

It looks like Finnish government is loosing it. Prime minister had 20.000 good reasons to make noise about milk, all of them were euros received party's election campaign. There are also other unclear issues of the funding of his and party's campaign. When combining big 112-centre to smaller one Ministry for Internal Affairs decided to close the bigger one because the smaller one was in her home town or county. When deciding of the funding of Finnish national broadcasting company (YLE) Ministry of Communications decided not to decide anything and transformed the decision to the next government. It is nice to have a good management.

I'm not a fan of the opposition, vice versa. I believe that we would be even in deeper shit if our opposition were under control. It looks that there might be light at the end of tunnel, some of the younger generation politics seem to have brains with them and I don't mean Mauri and Paavo.

And now I'll try to wrap this up and push it back to the main road. Somebody once asked me why I don't participate to the politics. She obviously thought that I have skills for it, big mouth, which is open all of the time and especially at the wrong time. In my opinion, majority of the people who ends up to the politics have the problem that their skills don't match to their ambitions. So they end up to following the old civil servant's rule: if you don't do anything, you don't make mistakes and from mistakes you'll be laid off. I prefer business life, you have to deliver all of the time.

I hope that the story doesn't remind too much of Creutzfeldt-Jakob's.
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