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Director contract, what it is? Basically it means that you are on the employer's side when the war begins. It means also that if you screw up or the shit hits the fan, you're out, in nano second. That's why in the contract there usually golden handshake. Typically it is from half an year to one year salary. And unions hates it.

Or do they... Dockers are currently on strike here (Finland) and the main issue is about the golden handshake, they want to have one year handshake. They need it. When this strike can/may kill Finnish export industry, harbours can be closed and the lads needs the money. Fair. Or is it?

Unions are dinosaurs, maybe they were useful in 50's. I believe that they understands that themselves, but they just tries to hide it. It is again question of the comfort zone, it is really difficult to do things other way. That's why they try to show that they are important or meaningful. Even my 13 years old son asked that what is the point on strikes at these times when it is more important to keep everything up and running to avoid losses.

Conclusion: break the bleeding union infrastructure or hire 13 years old to manage them.
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