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MS Excel is an excellent tool. I now it, been using it for ages. As an engineer I can use it for everything, I've used it even for recruiting. But it is very dangerous tool to give to idiots. They will believe that the result of Excel is truth, nothing but truth.

Some wise arse(s) in the Ministry of Finance decided to save Finnish economy. After playing with Excel some time the result was: retire later. Using lyrics from one song it looks in Excel f... fantastic. But, there is always a but (single t). Unemployment percentage in Finland was 9.5 in January, age group 15 to 24 same figure was 22.7, over 7% bigger than last year. It is also a known fact that when you are over 50, it is almost impossible to get a new job. So Ministry of Finance has ordered us to stay longer in working life, hopefully they will also tell us where that job is. My Excel didn't do that.... Oh shit, I'm using OpenOffice.

This went to sideways from the main topic, but I had to tell this. Sorry about that.
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